Every brand has its own reason to exist. When it discovers the reason, brand will stand out on its own.

    Branding for start-ups and re-branding for all businesses
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    Brand Marketing for
    The Japanese Market

    Tailored marketing to target Japan effectively and efficiently
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    Professional bilingual team for
    Brand Marketing

    We are the professional international brand marketing team.
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    Diverse portfolio across

    We have worked for various industries from finance to fashion.

Marketing Research

We provide regulatory information and laws that needs attention and marketing data in Japan.

SEO Optimization

We optimize your website to invite more traffic from technical and content point of view.

Social Media

We manage accounts, localize contents and implement social media ads to increase conversion.


We don't just translate.
We localize your brand communication to targeted audience.

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Team Member

Professional billingual Marketing team is here to assist you. 
Hiroko Wakasugi
Hiroko Wakasugi Marketing
Chihiro Hase Content Writer

Creative Studio

Banners, logos, advertising creatives?
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